A short Film by Conrad Armstrong and Katia Ganfield of Vicious Collective. The film accompanies Conrad's latest Exhibition TENSION at The Saatchi Gallery as part of the START Art Fair 15 - 18 September 2016. The works explore themes of Tension and Division in Post-Brexit Britain.


A short film by London based artist Conrad Armstrong. The film is part of a new body of work called PROGRESS in which Conrad wishes to explore the idea of Progress and the varying and transient perceptions that we have of it within our society - to try and get to the heart of what PROGRESS really means.

The film focuses on personal themes of transience, London, childhood and cyclical change within the context of the idea that 'the rocking horse is in constant motion but makes no progress'.

'Do not confuse Movement and Progress' - Alfred Armand Montapert

The Green Man at the 'TIME TO ACT!' Climate Change march, London 7.3.15
“It’s spring in the city but the trees remain barren challenging the concrete to bare fruit”.
Film and Soundtrack: Conrad Armstrong
Camera: Jodie Chinn

Film: Armstrong/Ganfield
Music: Armstrong/Wild
(vocal sampled from 'Leaves on The Trees' from the CD "Chanting II", The Museum of Witchcraft)

Spring Ritual

During the Spring of 2015 we followed Kodama and some of his followers into the forest to observe their spring ritual - where the dark energy of winter was channeled into personal talismans and then committed to the flames before the Spring Queen was chosen and initiated.

Film: Conrad Armstrong & Katia Ganfield
Soundtrack: Conrad Armstrong
Namu Myoho Kodama Om (Repeat)

Jack-in-the-Green, Hastings

On the 4th May 2015 as part of the May Day celebrations, KFS went down to Hastings on the South coast of Britain to witness the Jack-in-the-Green Parade.